This is a list of the most commonly asked questions we receive.  If you have a question that is not on the list please feel free to call us at 513-734-7729.

When is a good time to spay or neuter my cat/dog?

We like to do the surgical procedure between 4 and 6 months of age. We recommend calling us to schedule your pet’s surgery when they are 8-10 weeks old. We want the surgery to happen before your pet reached sexual maturity and starts the bad behaviors such as: spraying, marking, aggression, wandering, moodiness etc.
With that being said, new research has shown that larger dogs benefit from waiting until they are 9-12 months of age. This allows the joints to develop fully before the procedure.

When should my puppy or kitten’s first vaccines be done?

At 8,12 and 16 weeks

When should my pet be wormed?

Typically at the 4 and 6 week mark. However, if you have an older pet we can still get them wormed. For older animals we recommend every couple of months because a lot of the parasites are zoonotic which means that if your pet has worms, you could be exposed and infected yourself! If your pet is on Heartworm prevention, which we recommend, it is very helpful against the intestinal parasites as well.

I have an emergency and it’s after hours…

For 24-hour 7 days a week veterinary care we recommend GCVS ((859) 572-0560) Grady Vet ((513) 931-8675) and Pet Vet Urgent Care (513) 715-2344)

When can my pet be spayed after giving birth?

2 weeks after the babies have been weaned. This allows the milk glands to decrease in production, and reduce in size.

When are kittens and puppies weaned?

Typically at 4 weeks they should be able to eat solid food.  Some moms are very nice and will continue to nurse them longer.  You may have to separate them to encourage weaning, if that’s the case.

Do you facilitate pet adoptions?

No, we just don’t have the facilities for it. We recommend Brown County Humane Society in Georgetown, All Dogs Come From Heaven and Adams county Humane Society Animal shelter.

I don’t have very much money, but I need to get my animals spayed and neutered

Try contacting the League for Animal Welfare, The Scratching Post or apply for “Scratchpay” for financial assistance.

Do you accept vouchers?

Yes, please make sure that the voucher is not expired by the time your surgery date is here.

Do you accept CareCredit?

Not at this time, but we do accept “Scratchpay”. You are able to download the app and apply for financial assistance.

Do I need to have my pet in a carrier or on a leash when I bring him/her in?

Absolutely. Your pet may be the most obedient and well trained pet in the universe, however once they walk through our doors, we can not guarantee that our other client’s pets are as obedient as yours. Cats should be in carriers and dogs should be on leash.

Oh no!  My dog/cat ate chocolate. What do I do?

Call us at 513-734-7729.  We would need to know how much was consumed, what type, and the time frame of consumption.

How do I get my pet to take pills?

Purchase the product “PillPockets” which will encase the pill in a premade treat. We have these available for purchase in our lobby.

Use peanut butter, cheese or lunchmeat.  Give the pet a little bit of that, then give them one that’s encasing a pill.  They will think the second treat will taste as good as the first.

Open up their mouth, drop the pill in , and stroke the throat to encourage swallowing, alternatively you could squirt a syringe of water down their throat to wash it down.

How far are you scheduled out for appointments?

A general 2-4 weeks out

How soon can we schedule a spay or neuter?

We schedule about 4-5 weeks out on dogs and an average 6-8 weeks with cats.

How old does your pet have to be before it can be spayed or neutered?

4 months and at least 2lbs

Does it cost anything to just have my pet weighed?

Not at all! you can stop in anytime we are open to use our scale for your pets.

How long does an appointment usually take?

For a healthy pet about 35 minutes. For sick pets it can take anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

Can I bring my cats in the same carrier?

Yes, as long is the size is appropriate to fit more than 1 cat.

Do you get a discount for scheduling more than 1 pet?

Unfortunately no, we reserve time for each and every pet so the physical exams are priced accordingly.

Do we offer Military and first responder discounts?

Yes! 10% off your physical exam.

Do we see any other animals other than dogs and cats?


What happens if you have an emergency and the office is closed?

We do not accept any emergencies or chronic illnesses at our facility. We have a list available for clients that has recommendations on primary care veterinarians and emergency clinics.