Jessica Swinford Avatar
Jessica Swinford
8/17/2022 - Google

Very friendly an caring staff and professional. Best by far, won't go anywhere else.

Heather Hoobler Avatar
Heather Hoobler
8/13/2022 - Google

Always wonderful staff and smiling faces.

Hannah Phillips Avatar
Hannah Phillips
8/04/2022 - Google

I only wish this facility could do my girls tail and pallet surgery. They took excellent care of her and were very helpful with explaining her care. Very friendly staff, and quite enthusiastic with my dog making her feel super aqesome(which she is). I’d also like to mention that this is the first clinic I have came to that doesn’t smell like dog, or urin. Not sure if they have a super duty air filtration system, but I was impressed. As I mentioned before, I wish they were able to do Elise’ surgeries because the place she is going to does not have a friendly atmosphere. The woman on the phone was short with me and wanted me to feel stupid for not knowing about my pups potential issues before I got her, where the friendly young lady who o have been emailing at this clinic was more understanding. (I won’t mention the other clinic, because I’m not wanting that kind of drama) I highly recommend going to this clinic to take care of your fur babies.

Lady Foxy Avatar
Lady Foxy
7/28/2022 - Google

Amazing place to go. They take care of your concerns and they value the animals as well. Its a place to go for your fur babies

Felicia Price Avatar
Felicia Price
7/21/2022 - Google

I have been going there for yrs even with my dog noobles, & these ppl r by far the Greatest with pets EVER!! My dogs are truly thankful for their hospitality & friendliness. We will continue to go there. Dr Teague is the greatest & her staff!!!

Kyle N Avatar
Kyle N
7/18/2022 - Google

Great place, Price is always better than anywhere around. Was suppose to have my dog there between 7-8 to get fixed and I woke up late called them and they still let me bring him in which was great! Have nothing but nice things to say about this place

Rebecca Tice Avatar
Rebecca Tice
7/18/2022 - Google

Wonderful, caring, patient staff! I recommend Pawsitive Vet Care to all who are pet owners.

Luke Jackson Avatar
Luke Jackson
7/18/2022 - Google

Good for me. My cat's opinion might be different though.

Kimberly Hensley Avatar
Kimberly Hensley
7/18/2022 - Google

The staff took care of all three of my cats at the clinic in a timely and pleasant fashion. I have a family member at high risk for the covid virus. I was able to stay in my van while the assistants (wearing their masks - thanks so much) allowed me to pay with a credit card at a distance, got the cats, examined them, gave them their shots, and returned them to me promptly. On top of all this, the price was quite affordable. Pawsitive Vet Care is highly professional, friendly, and helpful. I hope I can always take my cats there. I would highly recommend them to anyone.